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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 220A man from Exeter who testifies against Diana Crosse. He claims that after he refused to bring the mayor a petition on her behalf, his wife (Anonymous 221) fell ill, suffering from limb pain; his son (Anonymous 222) fell down and broke his arm; and worst of all, his brew "would not run at the 'penn'."(151)The evidence of the next witness carried all the weight of official authority. He was no less a personage than the Sergeant at Mace. Standing at the door of the Council Chamber, he was approached by the widow, and was asked to convey a humble petition to the Mayor. Rash enough to refuse, a week afterwards his wife fell sick, and complained much in her limbs ; his son fell and broke his arm ; and, sadder still, the drink which he had brewed would not run out at the "penn."()