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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 224A woman who is allegedly possessed for three years. She would have extraordinary fits or sickness during which her flesh looked as though it had been torn up by hooks,;her belly swelled looking as though it would burst; her limbs contorted themselves; sometimes her body would be flung to the ground; and sometimes she could neither eat nor drink, surviving only on chalk and water.(4)About Three Years fince, this Perfon was fuddenly and ftrangely taken with Fits or Sicknefs of an extraordinary kind: Her flefh was often torn up together as if it had beem done with Hooks, her Body fwelled like a Bladder, puft up with wind ready to burft; her Limbs diftorted into feveral unnatural figures, fometimes fhe would be flung down on the floor with great violence, and fometimes for many days could neither eat nor drink; but her only fuftenance was Water and Chalk.()