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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 319A number of men from an unknown area of London, who attend to Anonymous 224, a woman with "unusual symptoms" residing at Goswell Street. They agree that it is unlikely that Anonymous 224 suffers from Melancholy, Hysterical Passions, "or Fits of the Mother." They prescribe her medication, however, "both Cathartick and Emetick," but her condition never improves, even when they double their dosage. These physicians are then led to conclude that she was bewitched.(2 - 3) Several Physicians were sent to and advised with, but could not tell to what Disease to ascribe so many different and unusual Symptoms: The party was of a sanguine Complexion and naturally pleasant,, so that it could not be the effects of Melancholy ; she had many years been married and her Distemper did not appear in any kind like Histerical Passions, or Fits of the Mother: However the Doctors prescribed her Physick both Cathartick and Emetick, butnone would work; Nay, when they doubled their Doses of the most powerful Chymical Preparations, they made no alternation in her Body; so that at last they concluded her under an ill Tongue or (as we commonly express it) bewitcht.()