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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
George GiffordA man from Maldon in the county of Essex, who was both "an able Minister of Gods Word," and an author of near twenty-two published works. These include _A discourse of the subtill practises of deuilles by witches and sorcerers_ (1587) and _A Dialogue Concerning Witches and Witchcrafts_ (1593). George Gifford is considered a moderate in the witchcraft debate, believing in the existence of witches, and that they should be severely punished. Thomas Addy, author of _A Candle in the Dark_, writes that among a number of other English writers, George Gifford allowed himself to be seduced into believing false information about witches.(166)THere is yet another Book come to my hand written by Mr. George Giffard, an able Minister of Gods Word in Maldon, which because the common way of some mans ar|guing is by questioning, what say you to this? and what say you to that Author? therefore I will give a brief description of his Tenents, which are chiefly three; the first is, That a VVitch can not by a Familiar, or by any craft, any way hurt, or weaken the life, health, or estate of any man, by bewitch|ing with disease, or infirmity, either Man or Beast, or hurt|ing his Goods; and this he proveth plainly by Scripture, and Reason. as I have also done in my Second Book of this Discourse. ()