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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
William HookeA man and a painter in St. Osyth in the county of Essex, who testifies against Alice Newman. Hooke suggests that Alice was the cause of husband's "great miserie and wretcher state," and possibly his death.(A6-A6v)The enformation of William Hooke Painter, taken before me Brian Darcey esquire, the xxiii of Februarie, against Ales Newman THis examinate William Hooke sayth, yt he dwelleth in the next house vnto Ales Newma~, & saith, that he hath hard William Newema~ her husba~d to say vnto ye said Ales his wife, yt she was the cause of her husbands great miserie and wretcher state, and sayeth, that when the saide Ales doeth giue her husbande any meate to eate, then presently he the saide William saith to his wife, doest thou not see? doest thou see? wherevnto this examinate sayth, that he hath hearde the saide Ales to say, if thou seest any thing, giue it some of thy meat. And saith further, that he hath hearde the saide William Newman bid the said Ales his wife to beate it away.()