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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Katherine BarborOne of three women (including Mary Aldridge and Alice Smythe) who bring forward charges in the case against Emma Branch.()5 June, 14 James I [A.D. 1616]. Emma, wife of Thomas Branch [Branche] of Tottenham, labourer, for practising witchcrafts, enchantments, charms and sorceries upon Edward Wheeler, an infant aged three-quarters of a year, so that he became ill and lame and died; and upon Ann Howell so that she languished and wasted away in her whole body and became lame and still so lives; and upon Joan Aldridge so that she likewise has become wasted away and lame and still so lives, all at Tottenham aforesaid. The said Emma, being suspected to be a witch, was committed by the pleasure of the Court, respited to the next and handed in bail as appears at Hicks Hall, respited further because the evidence not complete, committed because indicted, and found not guilty. Prosecutors:Mary Aldridge, Katherine Barbor, Alice Smythe. Sess. Roll 553/1579. Sess. Reg. 2/326, 346. G.D.R. 2/89d, 92, 93.()