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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 226One of several physicians who treat Israel Amyce for a mysterious and alleged malefic illness. They "could not tell what to make of it, the manner of it was so strange unto them." They do not provide a cure for Amyce. ()Jo. Stileman to Sir Robert Cecil. 1600, Sept. 9. I have with very much ado provided as many carts as you required. It were good you hastened the sending for them, as I promised they should go presently away, to return the sooner for their seed time. Mr. Amyce is a little amended, and some hope of him. Upon the examination of a notable witch, which he had committed to the gaol at Hertford, for a revenge did inflict her witchery upon him in such a manner that he was almost consumed to the bone. His doctors could not tell what to make of it, the manner of it was so strange unto them. In the end he said that he thought he was bewitched by that lewd woman that before he had committed. When I heard of it, I sent presently to a woman that dwelt 12 miles from Waltham, which I had heard of for her skill in those matters. She sent away presently to him with some things that he should take that night before he went to bed. He presently on the receipt found an alteration in himself, and that day at dinner he did eat more meat than he had done all the time of his sickness. He took the commendation you sent him very kindly and comfortably.Your Honour's house at Theobaldes, 9 Sept., 1600.()