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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 231One of a group of messengers who claim to have been cursed by Anonymous 229 as they were passing by her house in a boat.(150)May 25. 74. Dr. William Sammes to Nicholas. Touching persons sent for upon a complaint of the Earl of Bedford for mutinous facts committed in Cambridgeshire. After much pains taken to get the delinquents together, we found them so miserable poor and base that they were not meet to be presented before the Lords. We have committed one of them, who was the first mover of this mutiny, to the prison at Wisbech, who is by her neighbours esteemed a witch, to which opinion the messengers adhere, for they, taking boat near her house, were bitterly accursed by her, and soon after a strong man, the waterman, was stricken with such a lamentable crick in his back that he was constrained to get help. The most part of these rebels live upon the alms of the parish, therefore we thought fit that some exemplary punishment should be inflicted upon them here. I have required the messengers to take bonds of two others who have been gross offenders()