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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 247A man from the county of Essex, described as a cunning-man who is a "notable cousening Knave [..] skilful in the Black Art," a "deceiving Witch," and a "conjurer," who with the help of a "confederate" (Anonymous 248) runs a confidence scam against a local butcher who is seeking help finding a lost cow/ cattle. The cunning-man is exposed when his partner, dressed menacingly like the devil, or a devil, is attacked by the butcher's dog and is forced to revel himself to have the man call off his dog.(62-63)A Butcher in Essex having lost Cattel, hee resolved hee would go to a Cunning man, to know what was become of his Cattel, and so went to a notable cousening Knave, that was (as common people say) skilful in the Black Art, and this deceiving Witch, seeing his opportunity of gaining a Fee, for the purpose in hand, used his Conjurations in a room contrived for his usual impostures, and presently came in a Confederate of his covered over with a Bulls Hide, and a pair of horns on his head, the poor Butcher sitting and looking in a Glass made for that purpose, in which hee was to behold the Object more terrible, and not so easily discovered as if he had looked right upon it, for he was charged by the Conjurer not to look behind him, for if he did, the Devil would be outragious; this confederate, or counterfeit Devil, after the Conjurers many exorcising Charms, or Conjurations, willed the Butcher to look East and West, North and South to finde his Cattel; the Butcher sought much to finde his Cattel according to the Devils counsel, but yet perceiving after much seeking and not finding, that it was a meer peece of Knavery, returned to the Conjurer again, and desired him to call up the Devil once again, which he did as formerly, but the Butcher had appointed his Boy to stand near hand without the house with a Mastiff Dogge, and at the Butchers whistle, the Boy as he was appointed, let go the Dogge, which came in presently to his Master, and seised upon the Knave in the Bulls hide; the Conjurer cried out, as likewise the Devil, For the love of God take off your Dogge, Nay, said the Butcher, fight Dogge, fight Devil, if you will venture your Devil, I will venture my Dogge; but yet after much intreaty he called off his Dogge, but wittily discovered the cheating craft of Conjuring. He that acteth the part as this Conjurer did, with the same intent to deceive, and to make silly people beleeve and repose confidence in words (that is, in Charms and Conjurations to command the Devil, and to keep him in awe) is a seducing Witch, as he was; but he that acteth the same part, and causeth people to wonder at him, and to think that hee hath really conjured the Devil, to this intent only to shew to the world in a sporting way, how easily people are and have been deceived, is no Witch, but may be an instructer and inlightner of silly people, according to the Fifth description of Jugling delusions, in Pag. 42. And truly (if people were not so much naturally given to vain credulity, or beleeving of Lyes) that sort of Conjurers (so commonly prated of by silly people) had not been heard of in the world, had not these deluders learned this cousening craft from the Popish rout, whereby they delude silly people, making them beleeve they do things really by vertue of words, as by the naming of the Trinity, and the several names of God, and of Christ, and by naming of Angels, Arch-Angels, and the Apostles (just the same with Popish Conjurations) whereas their doings, as likewise the Popes, are all but cheating impostures, for if Conjuring Charms could keep the Devil in awe, why did hee not submit to the Conjurers, Acts 19.13? ()