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Assertions for a specific person.

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Dr. WoodhouseA physician from Berkhamstead in the county of Hertfordshire, known as a man "famous in curing bewitched persons," who spent the better part of a year attempting to cure Mary Hall from a bewitchment by two spirits which belonged to Goodwife Harod and Goodwife Young. Throughout the course of her bewitchment, Hall was plagued by shaking limbs, convulsions, and startling speech acts; Woodhouse treated her with a myriad of different techniques. He administered an emetic, in the form of "stinking suffumigations," (used in exorcisms) he cut off her fingernails and hung them by the fireplace (as a form of coutermagic), administered her "some Liquor" which made her faint (medical / exorcism), restrained her "in her Chair" (exorcism), and gave her opium (medical). He remained convinced that Hall was possessed, a conviction based, at least in part on the erudite agreement of two medical colleagues who had visited the Nuns at Loudan.(32, 34, 36, 37, 38-39)Mary Hall, a Maid of Womans Stature, a Smiths Daughter of little Gadsden in the County of Hartford, began to sicken in the fall of the Leaf, 1663. It took her first in one foot with a trembling shaking and Convulsive motion, afterwards it possessed both; she would sit stamping very much; she had sometimes like Epileptick, sometimes like Convulsive fits, and strange ejaculations: she was sent to Doctor Woodhouse of Barkinsted, a Man famous in curing bewitched persons, for so she was esteemed to be; he seeing the Water and her, judged the like, and prepared stinking Suffumigations, over which she held her head, and sometimes did strain to vomit, and her distemper for some weekes seemed abated, upon Doctor Woodhouse direction; Then reinvigorating, were heard in her strange noises, like mewing of Cats, barking of Dogs, roaring of Bears, &c. at last a Voice spoke in her, Pus Cat, what a Cat? nothing but mue; this was about the beginning of August, 1664. and after this the evil Spirit spoke often, exercising the tricks and torments, convulsions, and elevations of the Maid, as before it spoke, with some Additions. *** [the two spirits possessing Mary Hall] would often repeat what Doctor Woodhouse had done, and said, about their casting out, and remember all exactly, and laugh at him, saying, Doctor Woodhouse would have cast us out, but he could not; he is a cunning fellow, but we are cunninger then he; let not him think a few slaps will expel Satan. *** Doctor Woodhouse got Mary Halls nailes that were cut off, and with somewhat he added, hung them up in the Chimny a reesing over-night; and by next morning Gfe Harwood came, which they thought to be caused by the aforesaid things. *** As soon as Doctor Woodhouse had given her a Spoonful of some Liquor, being scarce got down her Throat, she fell down in a swoond; so that it is apparant some things are Antipathetick to Daemons. *** Not being satisfied with what I saw, I went over to Barkinsted to Doctor Woodhouse, who was her Physitian, and he told me he really thought she was possessed, and he told me two able Physitians, (whose names I have now forgotten) were with her, and told him she was Daemoniacally possessed, and that they being very lately in France, saw there a whole Covent of Nunns so handled as Mary Hall was, with their Abbatesse; onely this Symptome was more in Mary Hall, then any of that Covent (who were to the number of thirty possessed with Devils) that ere when the Spirits spoke in Mary Hall, in their presence, her Throat, on each side, was extended to the bigness of a mans fist; Also Doctor Woodhouse said, one of her keepers told him, that he and another man held her in her Chair, and she leaped up from them, and they thought she would have gone out of their reach, had they not pulled her down and held her; and another time, two men held her, and she leaped out of her Chair, and until her fit was over, they could not force her down again: her fits commonly are very short, especially when they are very often. When she came to be cured, with Doctor Woodhouse, she sat very still a while in his Physick room, and on a suddain she fell a stamping, and so continued half an hour, till she was all on a sweat, and made the house shake. Doctor Woodhouse, gave her a Venificifuge, a Chymical preparation, given in the third part of a grain for one dose; Opium the strongest of all things, many times in a Grain, makes very little alteration in the body; but this rid her, in part for a while, of her fits; but then the Spirits had never spoke in her: he hath used that Venificifuge to other bewitched persons with good successe; and to a Child of his own Town, that the People brought information it was in convulsion fits, he sent convulsive Remedies; they did no good: then he questioned the Querents what fits they were, They come, said they, every day, at six of the Clock; he went then to see it, and found it to begin its fit, with pulling off its headcloaths; then it fell a pulling off its Hair, and then scratching the skin off its face; Mr. Sanders, the Astrologer & Chiromancer, was there who told Dr. Woodhouse, It was bewitched, & accordingly, with other Remedy it was cured; but the chief thing he trusteth to, is a Sigil to hang [about] their Necks: He cured one in Barkamsted also, that two leaned Physicians (many there be, that know Greek and Latin, though perhaps nothing else truly, and as they ought, which many a Boy of twelve or fourteen years old knows) said, had Hysterick Fits; said he, You will not believe that there be Witches, but you shall see that the Party is not handled as you imagine, for Hysterick Medicines will do her no good; but I will cure her with one thing, once given in the third part of a Grain; which was accomplished. 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