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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. SandersA man likely from Berkhamsted in the county of Hertfordshire, described as an "Astrologer & Chiromancer," who helps diagnose Mary Hall as possessed. He suggests hanging a sigil (or magic symbol) about the necks of the possessed, claims to have cured a twelve or fourteen year old boy (improperly) diagnosed by physicians as having "had Hysterick Fits." He claimed treating Hall as a hysteric would not cure her, and appears to have used "Amara Dulcis, a Mercury Placit," or woody night-shade. Nicholas Culpeper describes the herb as "excellently good to remove witchcraft both in men and beasts, as also all sudden diseases whatsoever."(39)Mr. Sanders, the Astrologer & Chiromancer, was the one who told Dr. Woodhouse, It was bewitched, & accordingly, with other Remedy it was cured; but the chief thing he trusteth to, is a Sigil to hang about their Necks: He cured one in Barkamsted also, that two leaned Physicians (many there be, that know Greek and Latin, though perhaps nothing else truly, and as they ought, which many a Boy of twelve or fourteen years old knows) said, had Hysterick Fits; said he, You will not believe that there be Witches, but you shall see that the Party is not handled as you imagine, for Hysterick Medicines will do her no good; but I will cure her with one thing, once given in the third part of a Grain; which was accomplished. A Friend of his, used Amara Dulcis, a Mercury Placit, gathered when Mercury was strong, essentially and accidentially, and applyed about the parties Neck, when Mercury was well posited in House, and aspected friendly by the Fortunes, and most significant Planets.()