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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 253A maid (Anonymous 253) from Bedford in the county of Bedfordshire who, upon refusing to share her pease porridge with Goodwife Rose, found it had gone mealy. This maid turned accuser against Rose and went so far as to offer to be swum next to her, to prove an honest woman would sink while a witch floated. This is indeed what happened, but as much to the Maid's detriment as to Rose's. While Rose floated sinisterly on the water, the Maid almost drowned, and could hardly be recovered. (41)About the year, 1637. Gfe. Rose of Bedford ( bewitching a Maid's Pease that had denied her some) to be all and each, worm-eaten; and another-fellow to be alwayes lowsie though shifted every day, and never was afore) was ducked, and could by no means sink; the Maid that she bewitched, as to her Pease, offered to be ducked with her, to make the other the more willing, and the sank presently, and they could scarce bring her to life with all their hast and Arts. ()