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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
LowthA person and broderer (a member of the guild of embroiderers) from Fleet Street in London who allegedly "useth the cristall stone, and goeth about daily to dygge for treasure." This information comes from William Whycherly during his 1597 examination by Sir Thomas Smith. (334)334 APPENDIX. and they twoo with a preest entend at this or the next lunation to conjure for treasure hid betwene Newbury and Reading. Item, he saith that about ix yeres past he did conjure at Yarmouth in the great circule, with the sworde and ring consecrated ; but nothing appeared unto hym, because that an old preest being there was so sore afraide that he ran away before the spirit called Ambrose Waterduke could appere. Scryers. Item, he knoweth that one Lowth, in Flete-strete, a broderer, useth the cristall stone, and goeth about daily to dygge for treasure. Thomas Malfrey of Goldstone besides Yarmouth, [and] a" woman besides Stoke Clare, whose name [he] knoweth not, are skryers of the glasse. Conjurors. Maier, a preest, and now say-master of the mynt at Durham house, hath conjured for treasure and their stolne goods. Sir John Lloyd, a preest, that somtyme dwelt at Godstone besides Croydon, hath used it likewyse. ()