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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Thomas MalfreyA man from Goldstone beside Yarmouth who is allegedly a "skryers of the glasse [a person who uses material objects such as mirrors, glass, or crystals for divination purposes]." This information comes from WIlliam Whycherly during his 1597 examination by Sir Thomas Smith. (334)Scryers. Item, he knoweth that one Lowth, in Flete-strete, a broderer, useth the cristall stone, and goeth about daily to dygge for treasure. Thomas Malfrey of Goldstone besides Yarmouth, [and] a" woman besides Stoke Clare, whose name [he] knoweth not, are skryers of the glasse. Conjurors. Maier, a preest, and now say-master of the mynt at Durham house, hath conjured for treasure and their stolne goods. ()