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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 9A girl from York in the county of Yorkshire. She and Anonymous 10 suffered fits of convulsion in which they would vomit wool, crooked pins and the hafts of knives, one of which was marble. They demonstrated their afflictions before the Judges as evidence that Anonymous 43 and Anonymous 44 had bewitched them. The Jury was satisfied with their evidence, but the Judges "thought it requisite to give some respite of time for a more deliberate determination" to decide whether the girls' affliction was diabolical in origin or a deceit.(3-4)At the Assizes this last Lent at the City of York there were some old women Ar|raigned for witches. The chiefest Evidences that came against them were two young women, who being brought before yt Iudges did both of them fall into wonderfull fits: at the first time they were troubled with this strange visitation, it semed to be convulsion fits, but the possessing disease growi[n]g by degres upon them they began at last with great violence to cry out upon the gripings which tormented them, and swounding away they did vomit wooll, an[d] crooked pins. and haf[t]s of knives, one whereof being of Marble made a great noyse by reason of yt weight of it, as it fell upon the floore. The Iudges desired to s[e]e it, and it was brought unto them amongst many other things which these young women vomited. The Iury being sati[sf]ied with th[e] Evidence and some other Iudictments. did cast the Witches who ma[d]e these women to cast so l[a]mentably: But the Iudges were not thro[u]ghly satisfied, and therefore they thought it requisite to give some respite of time for a more deliberate determination, being uncertain whether this wonderfull Vomite proc[ee]ded from the Divel, or whether i[t] were some artificiall combinat[i]on of the two women to impose upon the Iu[d]ges, and [t]he Court.()