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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Thomas ShakiltonA man and labourer from Aldersgate Street, in the City of London, who is said to "occupieth the syve and sheeres [divination tools]." This information comes from William Whycherly during his 1597 examination by Sir Thomas Smith. (334)Thomas Owldring, of Yarmouth, is a conjurer, and hath very good bookes of conjuring, and that a great nomber. Sir Robert Brian, of Hiegh-gate, preest, some tyme an armyt, a conjureth with a syve and a pair of sheeres, b invocating saint Paule and Saint Peter. And he also useth the psalter and the key with a psalme, Deus humani generis, or Deus deorum. c One Thomas Shakilton occupieth the syve and sheeres, and he dwellith in Aldersgate-strete, a laborer, but he saith by saint Saviour that the man hath doone therwith many praty feates, and many trouthes tryed out. ()