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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mrs. MorganA woman, and the wife of Christopher Morgan, from Beche-lane, besides the Barbicane, (now Beach Street, near the Barbican complex in the City of London), who is said to "occupieth the syve and sheeres [divination tools]." This information comes from William Whycherly during his 1597 examination by Sir Thomas Smith.(334)One Thomas Shakilton occupieth the syve and sheeres, and he dwellith in Aldersgate-strete, a laborer, but he saith by saint Saviour that the man hath doone therwith many praty feates, and many trouthes tryed out. One Christopher Morgan, a plaisterer, and his wife, dwelling in Beche-lane, besides the Barbicane, occupieth the syve and sheeres also. Item, one Croxton's wife, in Golding-lane in Saint Giles parishe, occupieth the syve and sheeres, and she only speaketh with the fayrayes. ()