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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Edward EltonheadA man from the county of Essex who commits Anne Lamperill to prison at Colchester Castle because she was accused and suspected of being a witch.(http://seax.essexcc.gov.uk/result_details.asp?intOffSet=0&intThisRecordsOffSet=0)29 July 1639 [Calendar of prisoners in Colchester Castle:-] Edward Devonsheire committed by William Conyers, for suspicion of felony. John Newman committed by William Goldingham, for felony. Francis Rawlinson and Thomas Randell committed by Edward Palmer, for felony. Elizabeth Goslinge committed by Thomas Manne,for "wilfull murther". Mary Martyn committed by Thomas Wyseman and Henry Nevell, "for drowning her child". Thomas Samuell committed by Edward Keighley, for burglary and felony. Anne Smyth committed by William Maxey, "for pickinge of a purse with twenty shillings in it out of ones pockett". John Wyse committed by William Goldingham, "charged for speakinge treasonous wordes against his Majestie". Robert Dalles committed by William Lynne, for burglary. Richard Seabrooke and Matthew Smyth committed by William Goldingham, "for departinge out of his Majesties service after presse money received". William Coe committed by Henry Nevill, for felony, bailed. Matthew Powell "committed att the last Sessions to remayne in gaole till these Assezes". William Murrell committed by William Toppesfield, for suspicion of felony. Elizabeth Mitchell committed by Edward Palmer, "for beinge delivered of a man bastard child which was for a tyme hidden and concealed and after found dead by her". Richard Holland committed by William Lynne, for felony. Geoffrey Breekes committed by Robert Kempe, for felony. Anne Lamperill committed by Edward Eltonhead "for beinge accused and suspected to be a witch". John Kinge committed by Thomas Bendish. Robert Garnett committed by William Lynne "for puttinge his trust in witches and conversinge with them to the great dishonour of God". John Kinge indicted at the last Sessions for felony, to be tried at these Assizes. Richard Harris. John Pettitt "for speakinge treasonous wordes"()