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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 262A boy from Berkhamstead in the county of Hertfordshire who is allegedly possessed. His fits arrive at six o'clock each day, when he begins to pull of his head clothes, pull out his hair, and scratch the skin from his face. Dr. Woodhouse first sends him prescriptions for medicines to treat convulsions. When these medicines do not work, Woodhouse goes to visit the boy himself and prescribes him a "Venificifuge, a Chymical preparation," which appears to work as a curative. (38-39)Doctor Woodhouse, gave her a Venificifuge, a Chymical preparation, given in the third part of a grain for one dose; Opium the strongest of all things, many times in a Grain, makes very little alteration in the body; but this rid her, in part for a while, of her fits; but then the Spirits had never spoke in her: he hath used that Venificifuge to other bewitched persons with good successe; and to a Child of his own Town, that the People brought information it was in convulsion fits, he sent convulsive Remedies; they did no good: then he questioned the Querents what fits they were, They come, said they, every day, at six of the Clock; he went then to see it, and found it to begin its fit, with pulling off its headcloaths; then it fell a pulling off its Hair, and then scratching the skin off its face()