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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Justices (3)An undetermined number of men presiding as the justices at "a sessions holden at St. Edmunds-bury in Suffolke," who condemns alongside a judge eighteen witches to die on the 27th of August, 1645. The names of the witches are: Mr. Lowes Parson, Thomas Evererd, Mary Evererd, Mary Bacon, Anne Alderman, Rebecca Morris, Mary Fuller, Mary Clowes, Margery Sparham, Katherine Tooley, Sarah Spinlow, Ian Limstead, Anne Wright, Mary Smith, Ian Rivert, Susan Manners, Mary Skipper, and Anne Leech. (Cover)A true relation of the araignment of eighteene vvitches. that were tried, convicted, and condemned, at a sessions holden at St. Edmunds-bury in Suffolke, and there by the iudge and iustices of the said sessions condemned to die, and so were executed the 27. day of August 1645. As also a list of the names of those that were executed, and their severall confessions before their executions. VVith a true relation of the manner how they find them out. The names of those that were executed. Mr. Lowes parson of Branson. Thomas Evered a cooper with Mary his wife. Mary Bacon. Anne Alderman. Rebecca Morris. Mary Fuller. Mary Clowes. Margery Sparham Katherine Tooley. Sarah Spinlow. Iane Limstead. Anne Wright. Mary Smith. Iane Rivert. Susan Manners. Mary Skipper. Anne Leech. ()