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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Thomas MasonA man from Salisbury in the county of Wiltshire and Richard Goddard's son in law. Thomas Mason consults Anne Bodenham (via Anne Styles) three times for his own needs. He fist consults Bodenham to find three pieces of lost gold, a request he had posed twice before to Bodenham via a young male servant, and a request which cost him seven shillings and didn't help him find the gold. He then asks if "Master Rawley did intend him any mischief, for winning his money from him at play," a request which costs him two shillings but comes with a paper charm which will prevent people from meddling with him, if he wears it around his neck. He also inquires about how to move forward with a law suit he has against Richard Goddard, a request which costs him three shillings. Bodenham advises him to "demand fifteen hundred pound, and one hundred and fifty pound per annum of Master Goddard, and if he denyed it, he should prosecute the Law against him." Mason teams with Mistress Roswell to perpetuate the fuel inquiries about Anne and Sarah Goddard's intent to poison Mistress Goddard; they also pay for her escape from Salisbury, Roswell buying her clothing giving nine shillings and Mason giving her twelve pence. It seems likely that Mason fueled the paranoia about the poisoning to cause strife in the family.(4-5)At which time then Elizabeth Rosewel told Anne Styles, that Master Thomas Mason, Son in Law to Master Goddard, had lost three pieces of gold, of 22. shillings a piece, and that Master Mason desired her to go to the VVitch to know who had the same, and withall bid her give the VVitch what mony she demanded, and he would repay her whereupon the Maid went to the VVitches house again, who bade her come in, and told her she was welcome, and asked her wherefore she came; to whom the Maid answered, for gold that was lost; and the VVitch immediatly replyed, it was Mr. Masons gold, and that Master Goddards Boy, Robert Beck-ford, had been twice before with her about it; the VVitch put on her Spectacles, and demanding seven shillings [...] Master Mason spoke to her immediatly to go again to the Witch, to know of her, if one Master Rawley did intend him any mischief, for winning his money from him at play, and gave the Maid two shillings to give the VVitch, And the Maid did accordingly go, and did ask of the Witch what Master Mason bid her, and the Witch told her that Master Rawley had intended some mischief against him two several times, and had way-layd him, but she had and would prevent it, and would send him a charm, and took a piece of paper and put therein yellow powder, and so made it up in a cross figure, and gave it to the Maid to deliver it to Master Mason to wear about his neck; and the Witch further told her, that if the Charm were about him he need not fear what mony he owed, for no Bayliff could take hold or meddle with him, and so the Maid returned home and gave him the Charm. The next day Master Mason sent the Maid again to the Witch, to tell her that he intended some Law sutes with his Father in Law Master Goddard, and to know of her whether he should have the better of it, and gave the Maid three shillings to give the Witch, and when the Maid came to the Witches house and told her what she came for, the Witch took her staff, and there drew him about the house, making a kind of a Circle, and then took a book, and carrying it over the Circle, with her hands, and taking a green Glass, did lay it upon the book, and placed in the Circle an earthen pan of Coles, wherein she threw something, which burning caused a very noysome stinck, and told the Maid she should not be afraid of what she should then see, for now they would come, they are the words she used, and so calling Belzebub, Tormentor, Satan, and Lucifer appear, there suddainly arose a very high wind, which made the house shake, and presently the back Door of the house flying open, there came five spirits, as the Maid supposed, in the likeness of ragged Boys, some bigger than others, and ran about the house, where she had drawn the Staff, and the VVitch threw down upon the ground Crums of Bread, which the Spirits picked up, and leapt over the Pan of Coals oftentimes, which she set in the middest of the Circle, and a Dog and a Cat of the VVitches danced with them; and after some time the VVitch looked again in her book, and threw some great white seeds upon the ground, which the said Spirits picked up, and so in a short time the wind was layd, and the VVitch going forth at her back Door the Spirits vanished, after which the VVitch told the Maid, that Master Mason should demand fifteen hundred pound, and one hundred and fifty pound per annum of Master Goddard, and if he denyed it, he should prosecute the Law against him, and begone from his Father, and then he should gain it, with which message the Maid returned and acquainted Master Mason.()