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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John ClarkeA man from Detling in the county of Kent, Clarke is a member of the grand jury at the Maidstone Assizes in March 1676 which includes the case against Anne Neale.(3-16)7. Grand Jury. James Tong of Tunstall, gent., Stephen Scott of Hayes, esq., Samuel Maninge of Foots Cray, esq., Henry Faussett of Dartford, gent., Nicholas Tooke of Stone, gent., Robert Yardley of Chatham, gent., Bonham Spencer of Shorne, gent., John Clarke of Detling, esq., Brett Netter, Farnham Aldersey and James Reader, gents of Maidstone, William Peachy of Cranbrook, gent., Daniel Woodgate of Hawkhurst, gent., William Hugessen of Norton, esq. William Brett of Kennington, gent., John Eve of Brookland, gent., Christopher Mills of Herne, gent. *** MAIDSTONE ASSIZES, 14 MARCH 1676 Before Thomas Twisden, J, and Serjeant Francis Pemberton [Assizes 35/117/11] 52. Oyer and Terminer Commission of the Home Circuit. Dated at Westminster 3 Feb. 1676, and signed by -- Barker, Chancery clerk. [m.2] 53. Precept issued by Thomas Twisden, J, Francis Pemberton, serjeant Sit WIlliam Twisden, Sit Thomas Styles and Thomas Lee for the assizes at Maidstone, 14 Mar. 1676. Date at Westminster 7 Feb. 1676, and returned by Sir John Cutler, sherriff. 54. Grand Jury. As in no. 7. *** 82. Indictment of Anne Neale of Gravesend, widow, for murder by witchcraft. On 5 July 1672 at Graves end she bewitched Elizabeth Morgan, aged 6 weeks, daughter of Roger Morgan and Jane his wife, so that she languished until 20 July 1672 and then died. [endorsed Jane Haselby. Ignoramus. On 20 Mar. 1672 at Gravesend she bewitched William Eason so that he languished until 27 Mar. 1672 and then died. [endorsed] Walter Nynn. Ignoramus. In 1 Apr. 1672 at Gravesend she bewitched Walter Warren so that he languished until 1 Jul 1672 and then died. [endorsed] Thomas Warren. Ignoramus.()