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Assertions for a specific person.

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Francis PembertonA man from the county of St Albans in the county Kent who serves as judge at the Maidstone Assize on March 14, 1676 as well as the ones on July 29, 1679. Some of the cases over which he presided includes that of Anne Neale's, Thomas Whiteing's and Mary Foster's. Pemberton would eventually become Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, even though he would hold the position for no more than two years. While Lord Chief Justice, he presided over the trial of Joan Buts, in which she was found not guilty of witchcraft. He was removed for his behaviour in the prosecution of Lord Russell in 1683. Pemberton had a notoriously turbulent career over the course of which he filled many esteemed positions, but was also arrested in 1689 for his attack on parliamentary privilege. Pemberton died in 1697.(87-91)MAIDSTONE ASSIZES, 29 JULY 1679 Before WIlliam Ellis, J, and Francis Pemberton, J. [Assizes 35/120/06] 436. Goal Delivery Commission empowering William Ellys, J, Francis Pemberton, J, Eldred Lancelot Lee, John Smyth and Thomas Lee, jun., to deliver the gaol of Kent at Maidstone. Dated Wesminster 20 June 1679, and signed by -- Barker, Chancery Clerk. *** 450. Indictments of Mary Foster, wife of John Foster of Ramsgate, cordwainer, for murder and witchcraft. On 4 Apr. 1678 at Ramsgate she bewitched Michael Jordan so that his body was greatly wasted and consumed. [endorsed] Michael Jordan, Isabel jordan, Parnel Bourn, Elizabeth Sheerman, Jane Moverley, Anne Joad, Elizabeth West, Henry Rigden. True bill. On 15 July 1677 at ramsgate she bewitched Margery Rigden, aged 9 weeks, daughter of Henry and Sarah Rigden, so that she died on 19 July 1677. [endorsed] Sarah Rigden, frances Williams, Martha Glover, Parnel Bourn, Elizabeth Sheerman, Jane Moverley, Anne Joad, Elizabeth West Henry Rigden. True bill. Not guilty. ()