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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dr. HookerA doctor from Hoo in the county of Kent who, along with 18 other people, accuses Thomas Whiteing of having bewitched Sarah Curtis so that her body was "greatly wasted, pined, and consumed."(150-157)MAIDSTONE ASSIZES, 13 MARCH 1682 Before Francis Pemberton, CJ, and Job Charlton, J. 793. Oyer and Terminer Commission for the Home Circuit. Dated at Westminster 3 Feb. 1682, and signed by -- Barker, Chancery Clerk. *** 849.Indictement of Thomas Whiteing of Hoo, labourer, for witchcraft. On 20 Jan. 1681 at Hoo he bewitched Sarah Curtis so that her body was 'greatly wasted, pined and consumed'. [endorsed] Robert Rogers, Joseph Miller, Sarah Curtis, William Burman, John Ellis, Simon Beadell, Bridget Gilbert, Joan Stephens, thomas Haley, Tobert Whiterley, Tobert Beadle, Dr Faber, Dr Hooker, Dr Robinson, Anne Seares Faber Armitage, William Tucke (?), Barbara Cena, William Verron. Ignoramus. ()