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Assertions for a specific person.

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Alice ManfieldAles Manfield is a sixty-three year old woman from Thorpe in the county of Essex who for approximately twelve years allegedly shared two male and two female familiars in the shape of black cats with Margaret Grevell: Robin, Jack, William, Puppet (alias Mamet) for twelve years which she keeps in a wool lined box on her shelf. Manfield serves as witness against Mother Ewstace, claiming that she had a white, a gray, and a black feline familiar which she used to kill a child. She also stands as witness against Mother Grevell, claiming that Grevell had plagued Mother Ewstance's husband to death. However, more often than not, she claims to have worked with Grevell. Manfield allegedly sends Robin to lame Robert Cheston's bull (circa 1575) and Grevell sends Jack to lame Cheston himself (circa 1580) beginning on his toe, but causing his death. After Joan Cheston refused to give Manfield her curds, she claims to have sent Puppet (alias Mamet) "foure of her Beastes," and after John Sayer ruined her yard with his cart, she has Puppet ensure that the same cart became stuck and would not move (as Sayer tells the story, the cart became stuck when the man thatching his barn refused to thatch Manfield's oven until he got permission to do so). Around Michaelmas, all four familiars allegedly took a trip together to assist Cecily Sellis in the burning of Ross' barn and cattle. Her familiar, William, allegedly gave notice to Manfield for the whole group, claiming that since she would soon be apprehended, they would go to work for Urseley Kempe, Margery Sammon, Ales Hunt, or Mother Torner (aka Joan Turner). Lynd's wife would not give her milk, that her cow would not feed her twenty day old calf (which died). She is indicted as a witch, but not charged as one. Rather, she is charged for arson. She is found guilty of co-conspiring with Cecily Sellis to burn Richard Ross's barn and "field of grain worth 100 marks."(D5-D8)Condemned. THe saide Ales Manfielde saieth, that shee is of the age of three score and three yeeres or there aboutes, and that about xii. yeeres sithence one margaret Greuell came vnto this examinat and saide, that shee shoulde goe out of her house yt shee dwelt in vnto another house in the towne: And then telled her that she had foure Impes or spirites the whiche shee woulde not carrie with her to that house, for feare they shoulde be espied or seene, and prayed her this examinate that shee woulde keepe them, and also telled her what they woulde doe for her (saying shee should haue them vpon condition that shee the sayde Margaret might haue them at her pleasure, otherwise shee should not haue them) and with what, and howe shee shoulde feede them, and at her desire and request shee sayth that shee was contented to keepe them: And therevpon shee sayeth it was concluded and agreed betweene her and this examinate, that shee the sayde Margaret shoulde haue them as often and as many times as shee would at her pleasure, and that then shee receiued them. This examinate being asked, what names they were called by, and of what likenes, saieth that one of the~ was called Robin, an other Iack, the thirde William, the fourth Puppet alias Mamet, & that two of them were hees and the other two were shees, & were like vnto blacke Cats, and sayth that she kept them in a boxe with woll therein: And yt they did stand vpo~ a shelfe by her bed where she lay. This examinate saith also, yt ye said Margaret Grauel hath commen vnto her many & ofte~ times sithence ye saide agreeme~t betweene the~ made, & according to ye said condition hath receiued of this examinat ye said imps or spirits: shee this examinat being telled of her some times wherfore she would haue the~, & that some times she knew by asking ye said imps or spirits where they had bin, & what they had done when they returned againe vnto her. And being asked how ofte~ & whe~ to her reme~bra~ce, she this examinat saith, about 7. yeres since ye said mother Grauel came vnto this examinate & told her y^ Chestons wife & she were falle~ out, & had chidde~ very much: & that she gaue her euill speeches, wherevpon shee requested to haue ye spirit Robin to go to plague his beasts: & the~ se~t it, which said when it returned, yt Cheston being at plow & leauing worke, yt it had plagued a bullocke of his yt was well liking & lustie, wherof it should pine & die. This examinate saith, that the saide Margaret Greuell, well neere two yeres after, sent her spirite Iacke to goe to plague Cheston, vpon the great Toe vnto the death. This Examinate saieth, that when it returned it tolde her that it had plagued the saide Cheston vpon the Toe euen vnto death, and that it had sucked blood of the saide Margrettes bodie, and that besides it had of her Beere and Breade for the labour: and saith, that shee this examinate gaue it Beare and Breed then also for telling of her. This examinate saith also, that fiue yeeres past or there aboutes, her spirit Robin tolde her that Margarette Greuell had sent the saide spirite vnto her husband to plague him, where of he pined aboue halfe a yeere and more, hauing by that meanes many and seuerall straunge sores, and thereof died. And this Examinate saith that, that hee woulde eate as much or more then two men woulde doe, and that it sucked blood vpon the bodye of the saide Margaret for the labour: she this examinate being asked vpo~ what place, saith the saide spirite did not tell her. This examinat saith, that on a time she went vnto the house of Ioan Cheston widow, and desired of her to giue her some Curdes: but shee sayeth shee gaue her none, wherevpon she saith, that shee sent her Impe Puppet alias Mamet to plague her Beastes, where that woulde, and so it did: And that when the saide Impe returned, it tolde this examinate that it had plagued foure of her Beastes with lamenesse, and that it did sucke blood vpon this Examinates body for a rewarde. This examinate sayth, that about two yeres past, one Iohn Sayer did fetch doung out of an Orchard, from a pittes banke, neere this examinates house, and did by reason thereof, gulle a greene place before her doore, wherevpon shee saieth, shee sent her Impe called Puppet alias Mamet to stay the Carte being before the dore, the which it dyd, and shee saieth that shee sawe him and others to lift at the wheeles, and to set his hauser rope, the which did litle good, and that the same hauser rope and other of his horse harnesse burst a sunder, and shee saieth, shee gaue her said Impe Beere for the labour. This examinate saieth, that litle before Michaelmas last, her saide foure Impes saide vnto her, saying, I pray you Dame giue vs leaue to goe vnto little Clapton to Celles, saying, they woulde burne Barnes, and also kill Cattell, and shee saith, that after their returne they tolde her that they had burnt a barne of Rosses with corne, and also tolde her that Celles his wife knewe of it, and that all they foure were fedde at Cels house by her al ye time they were away fro~ this examinate, wc shee sayeth was about a seuennight: And that Puppet sucked vpon this examiaminates left shoulder at their returne vnto her: And the rest had beere. This examinate saith, that William, one of her Impes not aboue a seue~night before her apprehension, tolde her that shee shoulde be called in question, and bad her shift for her self: saying, they woulde nowe depart from her and goe vnto saint Osees vnto mother Gray, mother Torner, or mother Barnes two daughters, but to which of them it was that they would goe shee doth not nowe reme~ber: but they told her yt they to who~ they we~t had hurt me~ & wome~ to death, & seueral me~s cattel and other thinges. This examinat saith, yt about a quarter of a yere since, she we~t vnto ye house of mother Ewstace to speake wt her, at wc time she saith, shee saw three imps wc she had sta~ding in a yearthe~ pot in ye one side of her house next ye heath, & saith that one of the~ was white, ye other gray, & the third blacke, & saith they were like cats. This examinat saith also, that her white spirit told her, yt mother Ewstace their dame, sent her impes to hurt a childe, whereof it shoulde pine and become lame, but whose childe shee remembreth not. Also this examinate saith, yt vpon some conference between mother Ewstace & her, shee this examinate told mother Ewstace, yt mother Greuel did plague her husba~d, wherof he died, which was done by her spirit Robin: & she saith that she also told mother Ewstace, yt mother Greuel se~t her spirite Iacke to plague Chesto~ to the death: but what answere she the said mother Ewstace then made, shee nowe remembreth not. This examinate saith, that about a yere since the said mother Grauel told her, that she had caused her impes to destroy seuerall brewinges of beere, & batches of bread, being asked where, she saith a brewe~ at Reades, a brewe~ at Carters, and a brewe~ of three or foure bushelles of malte at Brewses. The said confession being made by the saide Ales in maner and forme aforesaid, I the saide Brian in the presence of they cunstables & other the Townesmen of Thorpe, sayde as I had seuerall tymes before vnto the sayde Ales, what a danger it was, and howe highly shee should offende God if shee shoulde charge any person with any thing vntrue, and also telled her that her saide confession should bee read agayne vnto her, willing her that if shee hearde any thinge read that she knew was not true, that she should speake, and it shoulde be amended, the which being done, shee sayde her confession was true, and the sayde Margaret and Elizabeth beeing then also called before mee, shee affirmed her confession to their fa[ce]()