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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anne ButlerA woman from Cranbrook in the county of Kent who, along with Samuel Bradshaw and Mary Colman, accuses Elizabeth Scott of murdering John Colman by use of witchcraft. (141-147)MAIDSTONE ASSIZES, 26 July 1681 Before Francis Pemberton, CJ, and Job Charlton, J. [Assizes 35/122/8] 723. Oyer and Terminer Commission for the Home Circuit. Dated at Westminster 3 June 1681, and signed by -- Barker, Chancery Clerk. *** 725. Grand Jury. Edward Diggs of Bobbing, esq., Walter Breames of Bridge, esq., John Cason of Kingston, esq., Edward Roberts of St Dunstan Without, esq., George Rivers of Hadlow, esq., Thomas Tiddyman of Ash, esq., Robert Bateman of Charlton, esq., Nathaniel Denewe of Harbledown, esq., Joseph Roberts of Sturry, esq., John Lucas of Lewisham, gent., Thomas Veale and John Simpson esqs of Milton, James Bix of Bapchild, esq., Thomas Enfield of Smeeth, gent., Thomas Tooke of Hougham, esq., John Eve of Brookland, gent., Edward Badby of Sutton at hone, esq., Edward Manley of Wouldham, gent., Henry Courthopp of Benenden, gent. *** 775. Indictment of Elizabeth Scott of Cranbrook, widow, for the murder by witchcraft. On 25 Apr. 1679 at Cranbrook she bewitched John Colman so that he languished until 2 May 1681 and then died. [endorsed] Mary Colman, Samuel Bradshaw, Anne Butler. Ignoramus. ()