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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Walter FowlerA man from somewhere in between the London parishes of Shadwell and Wapping, himself a thief and a murder, who is later transported to the Barbados, and hanged for breaking and entering and killing his wife, who accuses his mother, Alice Flower, of bewitching him and several others for years on end. (2)she had bewitched him and several others, and would relate several strange Exploits of her doing, and saying often to others that she was there in the Room and tempted him to do such and such Mischiefs, and would averr that he saw her present, when no one else in the place could see any thing; this mind he continued in, always accusing her of bewitching him, until about nine Years since that he was hang'd in the Island of Barbados, for Murdering his Wife and breaking open a House.()