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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Jones (Daughter)A woman from the Borough of Southwark in the county of Greater London, who is the daughter of the alleged wicked woman, Mrs. Jones. At fifteen years of age, she is married to Mr. Goodwin's youngest son, James Goodwin. This causes her mother's relationship with Mr. Goodwin to become incestuous in the eyes of God. (18 - 19)Now is Mistris Pigeons work done, and she at leisure to act in her sister Jones business, who (as I told you) was at a plunge, by reason of the short-answer young Mr. Goodwin had given his Father. But Mrs. Pigeon, (to whom no villany is difficult) relieves her: they presently conclude upon this plot, Mr. Goodwin hath a younger Son, James Goodwin, a weak headed child, about seventeen years of age; him they get into their Circle; and first they be labour the simple boy with their sophisticated arguments, and gain him a proselite to their tennents: now he is maillable. In brief, they presently clap up a Match between this boy, that a little before was intended for a prentice, and Mistris Jones her daughter, a girle 19 of about fifteen years old, but so small, that she looked more like one of eight or nine at the most. After short wooing, they are married together. This was a strong subtil device, worth Mistris Pigeons Invention. By this match Mr. Goodwin and his concubine are become brothers and sisters, and who can find fault at decent familiaritie between such? By this the women have got an interest in the estate and family, that they dare own to the world, which they durst not before: This brings them boldly into the house to reside; Mrs. Jones pretending that because her daughter is such a childe, she hath the more need of a guide. In a word, this device drawes a faire skin over a great many scabby places at once; and so they without any more Ceremony all enter the house, bringing all their children and retinue with them.()