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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. ColborneA man from the Borough of Southwark in the county of Greater London, who is the "sure friend" of the alleged wicked women, Mrs. Pigeon and Mrs. Jones. He helps them secure the estates and goods of their husbands and the Goodwin family. He is believed to be the leader behind their designs, as "this monster could not be brought forth by women."(21 - 22)Now these cunning women are againe at a plunge, but Mr. Colborne their sure friend rescues them: by his advice they procure two Appraisers, who are instructed, and appraise these goods but at 403l. which money Mr. Colborne layes down, being indeed Mrs. Pigeons money, having the managing of all her estate. This money paid into the bayliffes hands, the goods are released, and returned to Mr. Goodwins 22 possession. And now being attentive to all advantages, finding they had been surprized by this Judgement, to stop all gaps for the future, they fall upon a new designe to make all sure for ever. The old man must confess a Judgement for all that he hath in the world; but to whom? This monster could not be brought forth by women; Mr. Colborne must be the man midwife; in short, Mr. Goodwin confesses a judgement, and Mrs. Pigeon having first turned the old man and all his servants out of doors, she before witness seized of all for the use of Mr. Henry Colborne formally, and for her selfe and Sister Jones virtually.()