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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Eldred Lancelot LeeA member of a prominent and wealthy family residing at Cotton Hall in Birdgnorth in Staffordshire (now part of Shropshire). There is a famous painting of Lee's family by Joseph Highmore. The painting includes his wife and ten children. (135-137)MAIDSTONE ASSIZES, 15 MARCH 1681 Before Richard Weston, B, and Eldred Lancelot Lee, clerk of assize. [Assizes 35/12239] 691. Gaol Delivery Commission empowering Richard weston, B, Eldred Lancelot Lee, John Smyth and Thomas Lee, jun,. to deliver the gaol of Kent at Maidstone. Dated at Westminster 3 Feb. 1681, and signed by -- Barker, Chancery clerk. *** 709. Indictment of Anne Blundy alias Blundell of Strood, widow for murder by witchcraft. On 5 Feb. 1681 at Strood she bewitched Mary Griffin, daughter of John Griffin and Anne his wife, so that she languished until 7 Feb. and then died. [endorsed] Anne Griffin, Judith King, Mary F--ham, [one name lost]. True bill. Not guilty.()