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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Elizabeth WrightA woman from Burton upon Trent in the county of Staffordshire, who is the mother of suspected witch, Alice Gooderidge.(8-9)The 14. of April Sir Humphrey Ferrers and Master Graysley met at Robert Toones, who caused thether to bee brought Elizabeth Wright and Alice GooderidgeS. Humphrey and M. Graysley agreed, that certaine women should search the mother & the daughter seuerally, to see if they could finde any such marks on them, as are vsually found on witches. The old woman they stript & found behind her right sholder a thing much like the vdder of an ewe that giueth sucke with two teates, like vnto two great wartes, the one behinde vnder her armeh[...]le, the other a handfull off towardes the top of her shoulder: which when they had found, they put on her cloths againe, leauing the place bare, that it might be seen both of sir Humfrey, maister Graisley, and diuers others of good worth, as indeede it was.()