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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 331A man from St. Osyth in the county of Essex, the servant of Robert Turner, and a demoniac. The servant of Robert Turner suffers from terrible and ongoing fits, and demonstrates inhuman strength, a condition allegedly caused by familiar spirits sent by Rose Hallybread, Susan Cock, Margaret Landish, and Joyce Boanes after Robert Turner "refused to give to this Examinant a sack full of chips." According to Joybe Boanes, it was her Imp that "made the said servant to barke like a Dog; the Imp of the said Rose Hallybread inforced him to sing sundry tunes in his great extremity of paines; the Imp of the said Susin Cock, compelled him to crow like a Cock; and the Imp of Margaret Landish made him groan in such an extraordinary manner. (33)The Information of Robert Turner of St. Osith Carpenter, taken upon oath before the said Justices, May 6 1465. [...] This Informant saith, that about eight dayes since, his servant was taken sick, shaking and shrieking, and crying out of Rose Hallybread, that shee had bewitched him: And this Informant saith, that sometimes his said servant, since hee was taken sick, as aforesaid, hath crowed perfectly as a Cock; sometimes barked like a Dog; sometimes violently groaned beyond the ordinary course of nature; and struggling with such strength (being but a youth) that four or five strong men were not able to hold him down in his bed; and sometimes sung divers and sundry perfect tunes: And that this Informant could not perceive his mouth to open, or so much as his lips to stir all the time of his singing. ()