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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. DawberA surgeon from Wivenhow in the county of Essex who examines Annaball Durrant's two year old child after she had allegedly been bewitched by Mary Johnson. Although Dawber does not diagnose the little girl with bewitchment, he claims he "could find no naturall cause of its lamenesse." The child dies eight days later in torment. (24)The Information of Anaball the wife of George Durrant taken upon oath before the said Justices, April 29. 1645. THis Informant saith, that about ten moneths since, going from Wivenhoe towards Fingeringhoe, in the County of Essex, by the way Mary Johnson the wife of Nicholas Johnson met with this Informant, whom this Informant never saw before to her knowledge; And this Informant leading her Child upon her hand, being about two yeers old, and perfectly well: the said Mary Johnson took occasion of her own accord to commend the said Child, saying, it was a pretty child; and stroaked it upon the face, and gave it a peece of bread and butter, and so left this Informant. And this Informants child did eat a peece of the said bread and butter: and within half a quarter of an houre after, her said child shricked and cried out it was same; And this Informant carried her child home, and had the advice of one Mr. Dawber a Chirurgeon, who could find no naturall cause of its lamenesse; and so the said child continued for the space of eight dayes shricking and tearing it self, and then died()