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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 317One of an unknown number of Credible Persons of Dunwich in the county of Suffolk, who offered to give testimony against Aubrey Grinset of Dunwich in the county of Suffolk. She stood accused of bewitching John Collet of Cokely in the county of Suffolk and Henry Winson of Walpool in the county of Suffolk to death, and caused the fits of Mr. Thomas Spatchet of Dunwich in the county of Suffolk.(19)She was also called before other Gentlemen, and some Credible [P]ers[o]ns offered to give Testimony of many things aforementioned, as of her free and Volunta[ry] Confessing, that She had a Familiar Spirit, and that She had been the Death of some &c. Some Depositions were taken, but one standing up said, That if she Bewitched noone but Spa[t]chet, and Ma[...]ing, and such as they are, She should never be Hanged by him. And thus notwithstanding what could be witnessed against her, yet [s]he was [...]nt home and nothing in point of Law was done again[s]t Her. Nei[t]her can any excuse the matter by saying that in Distemper of body she knew not what she said, the contrary was clea[r] to those that conversed with her; and was also evident; for being asked a question, and the same question being put to her a considerable time after, she could answer as before; and therefore she well knew what she said.()