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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 320A man from Dunwich in the county of Suffolk, described as a Professing Physick, treated alleged demoniac Thomas Spatchet for his fits. From his observations of Spatchet's fits, he concluded that they were no ordinary contraction of nerves, but rather a continual motion. When the fits wore off, he observed that Spatchet would sometimes be left stretched out like a dead man.(26)Ordinarily after taking Physick he was the worse; often Physick did greatly increase the Violence of his Fits, all the time of his taking it, and after ceasing to take, they would return to the posture they were in before. About two years before the Violent Fits left him, he had some respite from Fits for several Days before he began with Physick, and the first Day wherein he took it he had a Fit, and so one Fit every Day that he was taking, till it came t[o] the last Dose, which (upon some occasion) he deferred, and that Day of omission he had no Fit, the Day followi[n]g he did take it, and then had a Fit, and so having finished it he had no Fits for some time. He desisted taking Physick almost two years before his Violent Fits ceased, and yet the last Fits were very Violent. One Professing Physick, observed him in his Fits, and concluded it was no ordinary Contraction of Nerves, but a continual Motion sometimes of all parts, Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet, first stamping his feet, beating upon the ground very swiftly and strongly, at a great distance each from other; his Arms at the same time flying out with a swift and Violent Motion, inward and outward all at once as fast as may be, for a considerable time together, till at last the Fit went off, leaving him sometimes stret[c]hed out like a Dead-man.()