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Assertions for a specific person.

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Samuel PettoA man from Sudbury in the county of Suffolk, described as a witness to the fits of alleged demoniac Thomas Spatchet and the author of "A faithful narrative of the wonderful and extraordinary fits." Samuel Petto provided a lengthy account of Thomas Spatchet's affliction, which he claims to have seen himself as someone who often visited Dunwich and Cokely. Petto attributes Spatchet's preservation from life-threatening injury to the Works of God, and the cause of his fits to alleged witch Aubrey Grinset. Petto was a clergyman and an ejected minister, husband to Mary and father to Samuel. After his ejection from Sandcroft, he began his long association with Sudbury. He was a firm believer in witchcraft.(Advertisement)THE Revelation Vnvail'd: Or an Essay towards the Discovering, 1. When many Scripture Prophecies had their Accomplishment, and turned into History. 2. What are now Fulfilling. 3. What rest [st]till to be Fulfilled, with a guess at the Time of them. With an Appendix, proving that Pagan Rome, was not Babylon, Rev. 17. And that the Iews shall be Converted. By Mr. Sam[u]el Pet[t]o, of Sudbury in Suffo[l]k. Price One shilling six pence.()