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Assertions for a specific person.

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Richard EdwardsA father from Manningtree in the county of Essex, described as a beef or dairy farmer who turns state informant against Anne Leech. Edwards accuses Anne Leech of bewitching two of his cattle to death after they die suddenly and no natural cause can be found. One of Edward's children, one who is nursed by Goodwife Wyles, "was taken sick, and had very strange fire, extending the limbs, and rowling the eyes, and within two dayes after dyed. Edward's blames Anne Leech and the Elizabeth Gooding, for this child's death.(11-13)The Information of Richard Edwards of Mannintree afore said, taken before the said Justices the 23 day of April, 1645. Cowes home by the house of Anne Leech of Misley widow, about forty yards from her said house, a black Cowe of this Informants, (being very well to his thinking) fell down, and within two dayes after died. And the very next day driving his Cowes from the same pasture, this Informant had a white Cowe that fell down within a Rod of the same place, where the other Cowe fell, (being also, as this Informant conceived, sound and well) and within a weak after dyed; and hee further saith, that hee caused both the said Cowes to be opened, and that there could be no disease discovered, which might occasion their death: And this Informant likewise saith, that about August last, hee had a childe nursed by one Goodwife Wyles, dwelling neer the houses of the said Elizabeth Clark and Elizabeth Gooding, and that his said childe was taken sick, and had very strange fire, extending the limbs, and rowling the eyes, and within two dayes after dyed: And this Informant doth verily believe, that Anne Leech, and the said Elizabeth Gooding, were the death of his said child, as is confessed by the said Anne Leech in her own Confession and Examination. The Examination of Anne Leech of Misley in the County aforesaid, widow, taken before the said Justices, April 14.1645. G1 This Examinant saith, That she had a grey Impesent to her, and that this Examinant, together with the said Elizabeth Clark, and Elizabeth, the wife of Edward Gooding, did about a yeer since, send their Imps to kill a black Cowe and a white Cowe of Mr. Edwards, which was done accordingly: And this Examinant saith, that she sent her gray Imp, Elizabeth Clark a black Imp, and Elibeth, Gooding a white Imp: And this Examinant saith, that about thirty yeeres since, shee sent a gray Imp to kill two Horses of one Mr. Bragge of Misley, which were killed accordingly; and that the occasion of her malice was, because Mistresse Bragge had told this Examinant, that shee suspected her to be a naughty woman; and this Examinant confesseth, that she and the said Eliz. Gooding, sent either of them an Imp to destroy the childe of the said Mr. Edwards; this Examinants Imp being then a white one, and Elizabeth Goodings a black Imp; and that about thirty yeers since, -notes- G1 Executed at Chelmesford. Page 13 this Examinant had the said white Imp, and two others, a gray, and a black Imp of one Anne, the wife of Robert Pearce of Stoak in Suffolk, being her brother; and that these Imps went commonly from one to another, and did mischief where ever they went; and that when this Examinant did not send and imploy them abroad to do mischief, she had not her health, but when they were imployed, she was healthfull and well, and that these Imps did usually suck those teats which were found about the privie parts of her body; and that the said Imps did often speak to this Examinant, and told her, she should never foele hell torments, and that they spoke to her in an hollow voyce, which she plainly understood: And this Examinant also confesseth, that she sent her gray Imp to Elizabeth, the daughter of Robert Kirk of Mannyntree, about three yeers since, to destroy her; and upon the sending of the said Imp, the said Elizabeth languished by the space of one whole yeer, untill shee dyed, and that the occasion of offence this Examinant took against her the said Elizabeth was, for that she had asked a Coife of the said Elizabeth, which shee refused to give to this Examinant. And further, this Examinant saith, that long since, but the exact time she cannot remember, she sent her gray Imp to kill the daughter of the widow Rawlyns of Misley aforesaid; and the reason was, because this Examinant was put out of her Farm, and the said widow Rawlyns put in, where shee dwelleth at this present. And moreover, this Examinant confesseth, that she was acquainted with the sending of an Imp by the aforesaid Elizabeth Gooding, to vex and torment Mary the wife of John Tayler of Mannyntree aforesaid about three yeers since; and this Examinant being asked why she did not discover it to the said Mary, she said, the Devil would not suffer her, and that the cause of the said Elizabeth Goodings malice against the said Mary was, because the said Mary refused to give to the said Elizabeth some Beeregood. And lastly, this Examinant saith, that about eight weeks since, this Examinant, the said Elizabeth Gooding, and one Anne West of Lawford widow, met together at the house of the said Elizabeth Clark, where there was a book read, wherein shee thinks there was no goodnesse. ()