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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Purdence HartA woman from Lawford in the county of Essex, described as the wife of Thomas Hart and Mother to John Hart. Prudence Hart suffers from two tragedies which are blamed on Rebecca West and Anne West. Prudence suffers a sudden miscarriage on a Sunday as she walks home; Prudence later finds herself lamed by a mysterious thing which touches her in bed. Her son son John is also allegedly killed by Rebecca West as an act of vengeance against her husband Thomas Hart. It appears that the Hart family saw themselves as bitter enemies of Rebecca West and Anne West.(15, 15-16, 17, 18, 19)The Information of Prudence Hart, the wife of Thomas Hart of Lawford, taken upon oath before us the 23. of Aprill, 1645. THis Informant saith, that about eight week since, being at her Parish Church, on the Sabbath day, half a mile distant from her house, and being about twenty weeks gone with childe, and to her thinking, very well and healthfull, upon the sudden shee was taken with great pains, and miscarried before shee could be got home; and this Examinant saith, that about two moneths since, being in her bed, in the night, something fell down upon her right side, but being dark, she cannot tell in what shape it was: And that presently shee was taken lame on that side, with extraordinary pains and burning, but recovered again within a few dayes after: And this Informant further saith, that she verily believeth, that Rebecca West, and Anne West her mother, were the cause of her pains; for that the said Rebecca hath in part of her Confession expressed, that shee had much maliced this Informant, because the said Rebecca West ever thought this Informant to be her greatest enemy. *** The Information of John Edes, Clerke, taken upon oath before the said Justices the 28th day of Aprill. 1645. [...] Now there was one Thomas Hart of Lawford, where the said Rebecca lived with her said mother, Anne West, and the said Rebecca told this Informant, that shee required of him, that hee would avenge her on the said Hart by killing his son, who not long after was taken sick, and dyed *** The Confession of Rebecca west, taken before the said Justices at Mannyntree, the 21. of March, 1645. [...] And this Examinant saith, that shee desired of her Spirit, that shee might be revenged on Prudence the wife of Thomas Hart, and that the said Prudence might be taken lame on her right side. *** The Information of Matthew Hopkins, Gent. taken upon oath before the said justices the 18th of Aprill. 1645.[...] And the said Rebecca told this Informant, that shee sent the Devil to kill the sonne of the said Thom is Hart, which he did within one fortnight()