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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 333A man from St. Paul's Cross in London who accepts the confessions of Rachel Pindar and Agnes Brigges as having "counterfeiringes" of being possessed by Satan, on August 15, 1574.(2-3). And for that suche Pamphelettes of Rachel Pynder be alredy spread abroad, not able to be called in againe, This is therfore published to counteruaile the same in the hartes of Gods people, wherin shalbe truly set out some part of the speeches of this mayde, Racbel Pindar, and also her confession of that hypocrisie, whereof shee seemeth to be very sorie and repentaunt: with confession also of Agnes Brigges: which both of them on Sunday the .xv. day of August. 1574. dyd acknowledge their counterfeiringes at Paules Crosse, with repentaunt behaviour, and their examinations and confessions openly therercadde by the Preacher. ()