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William TurnerA man from St. Paul's Cross in London who was involved in the alleged exorcisms of both Rachel Pindar and Agnes Brigges in 1574. He spoke with Satan, and along with several other witnesses including William Long, John Bowthe, William Pindar, Peter Pindar, Role Harris, Katherine of Bourne, Elizabeth Long, Jane Turner, Margaret Barkers, Katherine Chawke, Elizabeth Pindar, Sarah Dauars, Maryanne Resue, and Sarah Daders. They command Satan to depart, and that "thou shalt have nothinge."(4-11)The very copie in wordes and orthographie, subscribed by their handes. The.xvi.of July.1574. William Long spake thes woordes folowyng. I command the Sathane in the blode of Jhesus Christe, speake and tell me wherfor camest thou heayther. And Sathane spake, but we cowlld not understand what he sayde, but he mad a mowmlyng. But after he sayde, O Jone, Jone, leatt Jone attone. Then William Turner spake, and sayde, I command the Sathane in the blowd of Jesus Christ, speake out, what al this peopell may heare the. Then he sayd he colld not speake. Then William Turner, and William long, sayd he leayd, and commanded him in the blowd of Jesus Christ, and by his meyghtey power for to speacke lowddowre. Then we al [po?] our knees lyfted by owr hartes unto almighteye God, and mad owr prayers altogether, as our Saviour Jhesus Christ haithe taught us in the [firt?] of Mathewes Gospel. Then we commded him in the blowde of Jesus Christ to tel us whom seant hym heyther. He sayd, olld Jone. Wherfore did the send the heayther for her body and soulle. We sayde, thow shalt not have it, Jhesus Christe hath bought it with his preasseyos blowd. Then he sayd, thow leavelt dyuers tymes. Then William Turner said, Jesus Christ saythe in his holy gospel, that Saythan was a leayer from the beginning, and therefor I beleaue Jesus Christ, I wyll not beleaue the, thow art a leayer. Then Saythan sayd, the haithe sinned against the holy gost, and her sinnes weare before bur sayle, and wollde have hur. Then we said he tho wild not haue hur, Jesus Christe haithe bowght hur with his preasseyows blowd, and through faythe in the same, hath forgeyuen hur hur sinnes, and thow shalt not haue hur. Then Saythane sayde he wolld haue us all. Then we sayd, thou shalt haue none of us. Then Saythan sayde, Al the worlde is myne. Heare me, heare me: Did not I take Christe from the crosse? The we said, thow art a leayer from the begynnyng, howe darst thow be so bowllde to leaye in the presence of the Lord Jesus? The wee commanded him in the blowd of Jesus Christ, and in the myghtey power of his kyngdome, to tus us what is they name. Saythan sayde, I cowld not tell. We Sayd, thou leayest, thou shalt tell us, and he sayde unto us diuers times, thou leyaest. Then we commanded hym in the blowd of Jhesus Christ, and by his meyghtey power, tell us what they name is, and defrawd the teyme no longer. The he said lelygion, lelygion, diuers tymes. Then we asked hym how many ther was in number, Saythan sayd, 5000 lelygens. Then we commanded hym in the blowd of Jhesus Christ, and by his meyghtey power, come out of the Saruant of Jhesus Chrust, and [hey] bre withowt hurtyng of aneything. Then Saythan sayde he wold tare us all in helles. Then we defeyed hym, and sayd, the lord god shal defend us. Then Saythan said how can you cast out. Thowland legions of deallues. Then we commanded Saythane In the blowd of Christ, and by his meyghtey power to come out and do no hurt. The he sayd, giue me somewhat. Then we sayd, thou shald haue nothing Sathan. Then Saythen sayd, I wyll not go. Then we sayd thou shald goo to the etternall pytt of heall, which is prepared for the before the crealey one of the world. Then Saythan sayd he wold tare hur in pelles, and did torment hur presently. And Sathan sayde he wolld bring 3 deathes, one for hur, and one for Clemphre[?] whome fore had begged att gods hand, and one for the mayde in lotheberre, and I will tare fore in healles. Then Sathen creyed, O deathe, deathe verre terrabelleye. Then we all to geather mayed owr prayers for hur and theam, that the Lorde God wolld release hur. And when we had endid owr praiers to God for hur, we commanded Sathan by the meyghtey power and blowd of Jesus, to departe, out of hur bey bye with out aney more mordes. Then Saythan sayd you have written ytt. The John Bouth sayd, saruant unto William Long, yf we have no writtine ytt, the Lord God hath writtine ytt in owr hartes. Then we commanded Sathan with al owr might and poore, that God had gyuen us, that thow shalte depart out of the saruaunt of Jhesus Christ. Then Sathan sayd, gyue me a cherre and I will go. And we sayd, thou shalt have nothinge. Then we commanded Sathan in the name of Jhesus Christe to depart without hurtinge of aney thynge, and Sathan sayde, gyue me anappell. We sayd, thou shallt have nothinge. Then we commanded Sathane for to depart. Then Sathan sayd gyue me thredband. We sayd, thow shalt haue nothinge. Then we commanded Sathane to depart. He said, gyue me a little hare. We sayd, thow shallt haue nothing. Then Sathan sayd, shall I haue nothing? I had of olld Jone a drop of blowd to come heayther, shall I depart alwaye with nothinge? Then we sayd to Sathane, depart, thow shallt have nothinge. Then Sathane sayd, wage your finger, and I will depart. Then we sayd to Sathan, we wil not, thow shalt not haue so muche. Then Sathan sayd, gyue me the parting of your naile. Then we sayd, though shallt not haue so much to laye to owr charge att the day of Judgment. Then Sathan sayd, say but I praye yowe, and I will go. Then we sayd, we will not pray the, but we will commande the blowd of Jhesus Christ, and by his meyghtey pose to depart bey and beye withowt hurtinge of aney thinge. Then Sayd Sathan, I wil tarre fowre skore years and teane, yf you will gyue me nothinge. Then we mad a prayer to the almeightey god with earnest hartes, crauinge ayd and comfort att his almeightey handes for hur comfort and deliverie. Then we commanded Sathane in the blowd of Jesus to depart. Then Sathan creyd with a lowd voyse, a perfect speech that al meight heare, Heare me, heare me, diuerse tymes, afore we wolld guye eare to him. Then Saythan said to us in al owr hearing, leat me tarre tyll tomorrow that my ladey comes, I will tel you more of my mynd. Then we sayd unto him, thou shallt not tarre for nothinge, and so commanded Sathane steyll by the meytey pore and kyngdome of Jhesus Christe, to depart out of hur, and so he departed. By me willam longe, By me willam turner, By me John bowthe, By me William pyndar, father of the chylde, By me pter pyndar, By me Role Harris, By me Kattarne of Borne, By me elsabeth long, the wiffe of William Longe, By me Jane tourner, the wife of William Tourner, By me Marget Barkers, By me Kattarne Chawke, By me elsabethe pyndar, mother of the child, By me Annes pynder, the wyfe of pter pyndar, By me Sarah dauars, By me Sasan Pendar, By me Marreyane Resue By me Sarah Daders William Longe asked Sathane, who commandyd the heyther, in the name of Jesus Christ I command the tel us. Sathan answered, Old Jone, old Jone. Which Jone, said maister Debbete. He answered, Jone Thornton, dwelling upon ghe keay. Afer what fort did the command it to goe? Sathane answered, the sayde the Patter noster 3 tymes, and then Joyd come, Then sayd William Cowardes, thow leyest: Sathan answered, no.maister Long said then 4 teymes, and Sathane sayd 5 teymes, William Longe sayd 6 teymes, and Sathane said 7 tymes, and maister Long said said 8 teymes, Sathane sayd 9 teymes, and maister Longe sayd 10 teymes, Sathane said 11 teymes, and then maister Long sayd, than Sathan thow leyest. And Sathan being asked what was his name, he answered, Arke, Arke. And being asked of who the lerned ytt, of Dennom: and wher dyd Dennom lerne yt the? In the uppermost volume of Thornllons bows. How long ago? Three yeares. What did the geue the Sathane? One drope of her blowd. Wher haddest thow it Sathan? On the fore finger on the In seyd of hur left hand. Where did the kepe that, that she workes beye? In hur bossome next to hur skin. What is it Sathane? Someteyme like a doge, and sometyme like a tode. And then William Long charged him in the blowd of Jesus Christ to depart into the bottomles pette of hell. Sathane answered, what wilt thow gyue me? He sayd, nothing : and I charge the depart, and neuer enter aney more. And Sathane answerred, he woulde. Then sayd the loyd Longe, In token thow wilt come no more heare, blowe owte the candall, but he blewe not owt the candall, and said, guye me a thred: and immediatly the childe rose up, and helld up hur hands, and said, he is gone, he will come no more. The maner of the boyle owt of the childe, the lyppes moued with non suche mouing as could pronounce the words uttered, the eyledes moued, and nott oppen, the had greate swellinge in her throte, and abowt the gawes, and the boyle was somwaht bigger then the childs boyle, and speaking with alowd boyle, being commanded in y name in Jesus Christ to spek lowddor, the boyle then spak lowdder, that al might hear. I George Allen hearde al that is on syd written. Thes done in the presence of By me george allyne By me will longe By me will turner By me William Pendar Be me William Edwards By me William Longe By me William Turner. By me Sarah Dauars()