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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Alderman of NottinghamA man from Nottingham in the County of Nottinghamshire, known to be the Alderman of Nottingham, who is offended by William Sommer's accusation that his kinswoman is a witch. The Alderman counter-accuses Sommers, and has him thrown into prison.(Image 6)Sommers being dispossessed, he discouered certaine witches; whereof one was called Doll ffreeman, allied to one Freeman an Alderma[n[ of Nott: This Freema[n] offe[n]ded that his kinswoma[n] should be called in question, threatned Sommers that he was a which: laiing to his charge some presumptions tending that waie. So[m]mers was committed to prison[.]()