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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Archbishop of YorkeA man of Yorke in the County of Yorkshire, known to be Archbishop of Yorke, who receives the depositions taken by the high Commission on William Sommers' possession. On seeing the depositions, he is satisfied that Sommers is truly possessed, and demands that Mr. John Darrell keep his insistence that the Devil might be driven out of a person through prayer and fasting to himself, as it is Darrell's opinion only. The Archbishop declines to enlighten Darrell on how the Devil might be better driven out, preferring to leave Darrell with the demand to cease claiming that prayer and fasting are effective.(Image 7)The Arch-Bishop of Yorke after the depositions came to his hands was satisfied that in deede Som: was possessed. Yet having receive[d] letters from some great personages / he tooke occasio[n] to silence Mr Dor: pretending this onelie cause, that Mr Dorrell should hold that the Devil might be dispossest by praier, & fasting. Which yet he told him was his private opinion, and that he would willinglie alter it, if he might be better informed. But the A. B. neuer endevoured to informe him better: But after goodwords, as that he was an honest man, ecc sent him aware silenced.()