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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dr. CrabtreeA man from Lancaster in the county of Lancashire, who treats Richard Dugdale's fits as his doctor for some time. Dr. Crabtree is sought out by Richard Dugdale's father, but after his attentions, Richard Dugdale's fits become more violent. Dr. Crabtree concludes that, "if the Spirit in Richard Dugdale was a Water-Spirit, there was no cure for it." (59)After this Richard Dungdale's Fits were more violent, soon after we consulted Dr. Crabtree, who undertook to cure Richard Dugdale; Thomas Dugdale went along with his son Richard Dugdale to Dr. Crabtree, where they staid about a Fortnight, and upon Richard Dugdale's Fits abating, they came home; withi a few days after his return, his Fits were more violent than ever : After a Fornight stay at home; Thomas Dugdale and Richard Dugdale, went to Dr. Crabtree the second time, where they staid not so long as before. The Reasons were two; First, Richard Dugdale was tired with the Methods Dr. Crabtree took, the Doctor confest that he gave the Patient Physick at onece enough for six men, which weakened Richard Dugdale so much, that he had Strength little enough to carry him cross the House; yet in his Fits 7 Strong Men could not hold him. The second Reason was, the great Charges we were at, for it cost us more than three Pound ten Shillings, in little time more than three Weeks; which was insupportable, considering our Indigency, and no incouraging signs of help; but the Doctors words to his Neighbours, were at first, that if the Father would bring Money enough he would cure Richard Dugdale, yet said another time, if the Spirit in Richard Dugdale was a Water-Spirit, there was no cure for it.()