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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Jane SouthworthA woman from Salmesbury in the County of Lancaster, known to be the widow of John Southworth. She was indicted at the Lancaster Assizes, along with Jennet Bierley and Ellen Bierley, for bewitching Grace Bierley so that her body wasted and was consumed. Jane pleaded not guilty, and was eventually acquitted and released. Grace's accusations started with haunting and vexing her, drawing her by her hair, and laying her on top of a hay-mow. Grace also said she saw Jane at a meeting of witches Jennet had brought Grace to, where four things like men carried them all across the water to eat strange meat, which Grace refused, and dance and "abuse their bodies." John Singleton and William Alker both gave deposition alleging that Jane was "thought an euill woman, and a Witch," and that Sir John Southworth (kin to Jane's husband) feared she would kill or bewitch him. Jane said, during her examination, that she had spoken to the priest Master Thompson a month or so before her imprisonment, and challenged him for slandering her as a witch; she accused him of being the origin of the claims against her, and of trying to drive her out of the Church. Grace eventually retracted her charges.(C4)The Witches of Salmesbury. Iennet Bierley. Elen Bierley. Iane Southworth. Iohn Ramesden. Elizabeth Astley. Alice Gray. Isabell Sidegraues. Lawrence Haye.()