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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
William HattingA man from Ramsey in the county of Essex, described as the husband of Sara Hatting, father to John Hatting, and a local tailor. William Hatting gets into a verbal altercation where he "threatened [Francis Stock] very much," after Stock calls his wife Sara "a scolder." Presumably Stock tells his wife this because three members of Stock's family soon after sicken and die. Sara is accused of taking malefic revenge on them. This would not be the last time the Hattings were at war with the Stock's however. About nine months after the above deaths, Hatting's son John would be beaten by Stock's servant after those two men had a disagreement. The servant would die, and Hatting's wife would again be blamed. (31-32)THis Informant saith, that about five yeers since, being one of the Constables of Ramsey aforesaid, hee impressed William Hating, husband to the aforesaid Sarah Hating for a scolder, whereupon the said William threatened this Informant very much, and not long after, this Informants wife told him, shee espied a Snake lying upon a shelf in this Informants house, about three yards high from the ground, which falling down into the house, shee endeavoured to kill with a Spade; and striking at it, the Snake suddenly vanished away, and could no where be found: And this Informant saith, that presently after his said wife was taken sick with extraordinary fits, pains and burnings all over her body, and within one week dyed: And further this Informant saith, that within two or three dayes, after the death of his said wife, hee had a daughter taken sick after a very strange manner, who in all the time of her sicknesse, cryed out much on the said Sarah, the wife of the said William Hating, saying, that the said Sarah was the cause of her death, and dyed presently after; and that within two or three dayes after the death of his said childe, this Informant had another childe taken sick in the same manner, and within a few dayes dyed also: And lastly, this Informant saith, that about three quarters of a yeer after, he had a man-servant, that for some ill language given to him by John Hating, one of the sons of the said William and Sarah Hating, his said servant did beat the said John, and the very next day hee was taken sick, and so continued in a pining and languishing condition, crying out often of the said Sarah, that she had bewitched him, and was the cause of his death, which soon after ensued. ()