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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Francis StockA man from and former Constable of Ramsey in the county of Essex, described as the husband to Mrs. Stock and father to at least two children, and witness for the state in the Essex Assize at Chelsmford, July 1645. Stock would testify three time at the Assize, first testifying that Elizabeth Harvey confessed to them she had been made a witch by Marion Hocket; a transmutation which was painful to her. He also spoke about how his wife and children would allegedly become victims in a vendetta between their family and the Hatting family. He allegedly "impressed William Hating, husband to the aforesaid Sarah Hating for a scolder, whereupon the said William threatened this Informant very much." His wife was soon bothered by a mysterious snake, and then becomes ill "with extraordinary fits, pains and burnings all over her body, and within one week dyed." She blamed Sara Hatting for her death. The condition which took her life would also take the lives of two of his children. Stock finally testified that he had heard from her sister, Sara Barton, that Marion Hocket had cut off her witch's marks to avoid detection. (31)The Information of Francis Stock and John Batilly, Taken upon oath, before the said Justices, May 3. 1645. THese Informants say, that the said Elizabeth Harvie confessed to them with many teares, that shee had three marks, two before and one behinde (as is already informed by Bridget Reynolds and others,) And that the said Marian Hocket made her have the said marks or bigs, by bringing of three things to her the said Elizabeth, and telling her, if shee would receive them, shee should never want so long as she lived; which three things have since made the said marks in her privie parts, and the said Elizabeth told these Informants, that the said three things were of a reddish color, and that since, the said Marian, and the said Elizabeth falling out, she the said Elizabeth would have put away and sent home the three things which the said Mirian brought to her, and that ever since the said things have tormented her in her bed, in the places aforesaid, as if they had pulled her in pieces.()