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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 335A man from Manchester in the county of Greater Manchester, who is summoned to treat Richard Dugdale during one of his alleged fits in Surrey near Lancashire. He and his colleague, Mr. Ainsworth, were unable to help Richard Dugdale recover from his perceived lifeless state.(56)John Whitehead of Bank-hey, in the County of Lancaster, Labourers declareth, that being with the said Dugdale, at the Surey, in one at which time Mr. Ainsworth the Apothecary, and another Apothecary from Manchester, coming in both of them,felt the said Dugdale's pulses, which did not beat, and then they laid their Faces to his Mouth, to try if he breathed, but could not perceive it. And endeavourging to hold the said Dugdale in his Fit, but the Wrist of his Arm, could by no means do it, for this Informant's Fingers were no sooner closed, but they opened again.()