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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John HattingA boy or young man from Ramsey in the county of Essex, described as one of the sons of accused witch Sara Hatting and her husband William Hatting. John Hatting allegedly uses "ill language" at Francis Stock's servant, Anonymous 336. The man servant, in returns, administers a beating to John Hatting, but finds himself sick the next day, and "in a pining and languishing condition," often accused John's mother, Sara, or being the cause of his plight and bringing on his imminent death. (31, 32)The second Information of Francis Stock, taken be- fore the said Justices upon oath, May 3. 1645.[...] And lastly, this Informant saith, that about three quarters of a yeer after, he had a man-servant, that for some ill language given to him by John Hating, one of the sons of the said William and Sarah Hating, his said servant did beat the said John, and the very next day hee was taken sick, and so continued in a pining and languishing condition, crying out often of the said Sarah, that she had bewitched him, and was the cause of his death, which soon after ensued()