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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Margaret HardmanA young girl of Cleworth in the County of Lancastershire in the parish of Leigh, known to be fourteen years of age and the sister of Elizabeth Hardmen and belong to the Starchie household, alleged to be afflicted with fits by Edmund Hartlay. She is alleged to have been able to predict her fits and the details of them, and attributed this knowledge to a white dove. At a dinner, Holland and the Hardman sisters were thrown back, their bodies swelled, their faces disfigured, and strange motion was observed from within their bodies. She is heard to say " I must goe I must away: I cannot tarrie, whither shall I goe? I am hot, I am too hot. I will not dye" when a Mr. More was praying over her. She describes her possessor the same way as John Starchie, as like an ill-favoured man with a bulge on his back; at one time he offers gold and threatens to break her neck, cast her into a pit and drown her for refusing him.(Image 8, 10)Shortly after our comming, as we sat at dinner, came in Margaret Hardman and hir sister, & El: Holland on after another like players to bid vs welcom: forasmuch as no body sent for me said one of them, I am come of my owne accord. And hauing thus spoken shee was throwen backward on a forme, and so all 3. were frangely & greuosly tormented. Their faces (as I remember) were disSingle illegible letterigured, their bodyes (I am sure) greatly swelled, & such a sensible stiring & rumbling within their bodyes, as to ones sight and feling they had some quick thing within each of them: and not only so, but such a violent mouing there was also in their inward parts: (especially in M. Hardman) as was easily harde of vs that were present. [...] M, Hardman why lest M. More was praching vsed these wordes, I must goe I must away: I cannot tarrie, whither shall I goe? I am hot, I am too hot. I will not dye, iterating them all. which wordes did greatly incourage vs. [...] Iohn Starchie: said it went from hym lyke a man with a bulch on his blacke very yll fauored. and presently he returned to haue reentered, but he withstood hym strong in faith. the same in effect said M Hard. [...] Iohn Starchy sayd he came in the former likenes, making many large proffers, baggs of gould &c. But when he sawe he nothing preuayled with sugred wordes, he vsed terrible menaces, saying he wold breake his neck &c. Anne Starchy said he came in the former likenes. M. Hard. said he came in the same forme he went out proffring golde but she refusing, he threatned to breake her necke, cast her into a pyt, and drowne her and so departed.()