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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Joan SimpsonA woman of Wapping in the county of Greater London, who was approached by Abraham Vandenbemde and his confederates and offered money to swear that Anne Levingston had used witchcraft to murder Lady Powel; Simpson soon realized that she had been asked in order to strip an innocent gentlewoman of her inherited livelihood and, despising such practices, refused to comply.(3)THe said Abraham Vandenbemde with other the said confederates (having laid a Plot to take away the life of Mrs. Anne Levingston, because the Lady Powel had given her an estate which some of them expected) in December last repaired to one Jone Simpson, and proffered her 10 l. in hand, and 500 l. more in Hillary term following, if she would swear that Mrs. Levingston had used sorcery & withcrast to take away the Lady Powels life. And on the 10 of Jan. then following, one Anne Hook (who pretends her self to be a cunning woman) being imployed by the said confederates, did perswade her thereunto, offering her six score pounds, and half the money which the said Vandenbemde and the said Cr[...]mpton were to give her and her husband for making their Affidavits, if she would do the like. But the said Simpson abhominating so wicked a practice, to take away an innocent Gentlewomans life, discovered the Plot[.]()